Where you can get beautiful winter clothes for little money

At this time of winter, especially at night and in the morning, I want warm clothes for the baby. If you go out of the house without a sweater or jacket, the baby will catch a cold. There are nicely designed winter clothes for 2 to 5 year old girls in the market. Where the current trend has been adjusted with the comfort of the baby.

Everyday clothes

The baby’s winter clothes are another way to wear all the time outside of the invitation. Slightly simple design, but full of variety of colors and cuts. In addition, since children’s skin is very soft, designers are advised to use fibers that do not cause any kind of rash or itching. Children like a little colorful sweater. Therefore, in the market, their clothes have been given more predominance in blue, purple, pink and red.

Funny fun design

There are winter clothes for children in the market now designed by Spiderman, Batman, Superman, Harry Potter, Ben Ten, Angry Bird, as well as Cinderella, Barbie and Dora designs. Some have a hoodie-like hat covering their ears and head. So that they have ears like rabbits or cats. There are also designs of deer, crocodile, duck, hello kitty. The winter clothes of the girls have been made artistically. Flowers, herbs, fauna and star motifs add a different dimension to sweaters, jackets or jeans.

Cut and change

Clothing cuts have also changed. The difference is that the children’s sweaters are hanging. Some sweaters have open breasts from the front, while many sweaters use colored ribbons or belts around the waist. Frill leaves or cartoon designs have been made on the side of the neck.

Full of variety

Overcoats, cardigans, wool and cashmere sweaters are in vogue for girls this time. Jeans frocks, skirts, wool sets, jackets, overcoats, cardigans are quite eye-catching in the winter attire of the child. There are denim colored jackets and pants for boys. In addition, a variety of children’s mufflers, new design hats have come on the market.

Small mufflers have been hung in various ways. Foam jackets are available for children in the market without wool and velvet. Of course, this kind of clothing will work in a little heavy winter. It is best to use this type of clothing to protect children from the cold, especially when traveling. Sweaters in the shape of fatwa, frock or tops are also visible.

This style is new. There are also cardigan-shaped sweaters, the cuts of which are quite attractive and varied. The pockets are designed with flowers, birds or colorful fabrics. There are sweaters made of wool.

Such garments have flowers, herbs, various animals or cartoons. Buy colorful mufflers, hats and socks for your baby. The child will be quite comfortable with these little things on a cold day. Winter clothing for children in twill, velvet and denim, terry cloth, viscose and woolen cloth has come on the market. Besides red, blue, green and pink, children also like white sweaters.

There’s a hoodie

Nowadays people of different ages are wearing hooded clothes. You can also buy such clothes for children. This type of clothing is good for children who are uncomfortable wearing different hats. You can also buy a set of hooded clothes and trousers.

Nice baby

After the daily winter clothes, it will not be good for the children to go to the ceremony. So decorate the children’s chic babu to go to the ceremony. For this you can also give a suit-coat, blazer-like dress. If you search a little, you will find a suitable tie for children.

Be careful

Very young children have a slightly higher body temperature than normal. The skin is also very soft. So children should never wear silk or straight woolen clothes. This can cause shortness of breath or rash. So in winter, put thin cotton clothes on the baby under the woolen clothes.

The price of children’s clothing

Wool sweaters, which cost 800 to 1,200 rupees, hoodie jackets are also available at 850 to 1,150 rupees, foam jackets at 1,000 to 2,000 rupees. Apart from this, you can get any wool or makamal sweater for 400 to 1,200 rupees.

Where to get

You will find baby winter clothes in most shopping malls or fashion houses. In Childhood, Infinity, Arang, Nipun, Me & Mom, Smartex, Kids Club you will find various types of baby warm clothes. Children’s winter clothes will be available at Bashundhara City, Border Square, New Market, Nurjahan Market, opposite Dhaka College, various markets in Mirpur, Gulshan-2, Motijheel and Uttara.

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