What are the characteristics of an ideal lover in the eyes of girls?

What are the characteristics of an ideal lover in the eyes of girls? People keep asking various questions about this. How to be an ideal lover. We all know girls love to hang out, shop, watch movies. And that’s why she wants to see all these features between her boyfriend or future son-in-law. Here is a list of what it means to be an ideal man in the eyes of girls. Having all these qualities in you means you are an ideal lover.

1) Careful men mean ‘hot’ feeling men are much closer to the minds of girls. If a partner breaks up for any reason, some behavior is necessary to reassure him. Try to understand him. A gentle touch on the shoulder and some soft words will bring you closer to his mind.

2) Chevalier yet has no answer to the question of relevant love to display masculinity. Women are happier and appreciate men’s behavior when they open the door for their girlfriends or girlfriends when getting in and out of the car, get permission before holding a cigarette, or stand aside when entering or leaving the elevator.

3) There is no alternative to smart dress-up to cut the scars in the minds of the girls. We need to be a little careful about this. Suppose a man looks a little heavier, Madhya Pradesh is slightly swollen – in that case loose casual type clothing is suitable. Again, many people are comfortable in tight jeans without caring about their appearance. But you have to make sure that the clothes of the woman of your choice are scarred. If he likes wearing red, then wear it to keep in mind. Wear your favorite outfit only when your girlfriend indicates that.

4) Joy of red Karsner’s important observation in the context of red dress: Women have a latent feeling about this color in their mind. The red color on the male limbs paints a powerful, eye-catching and bodily image of the female subconscious. But at the same time, many girls feel that the color red cuts off the character of a man from a good man or a kind-hearted person. You have to decide which road to walk on.

5) Do not try to hide your faults According to Karsner, a man who has a good mind and temperament and who is trying to improve himself, will like girls. Even if the man can show some flaws in the nature of his partner, let’s say he suddenly loses his temper or gets sullen after working all day – his appreciation increases. However, care must be taken when pointing out flaws so that the girlfriend does not feel hurt.

7) Do not try to build his world. Remember, girls tell their male partner about their problems and difficulties does not mean that he wants a solution. Your job is to be an attentive listener, not a mentor. Most men listen to their partner’s problems and try to find a quick solution. Don’t forget to tread this path because it can cause you to lose your temper.

6) Girls in sex slowly believe in the principle of love relationship from mind to body just waiting for time. But most men are in a hurry to pay compensation. Kirschner says girls are interested in sex, of course, but they don’t like the quick way. They need some time to grow closer. They are reluctant to walk this path unless they have a strong foundation of trust and love. So be patient with the will of the mind. Speaking, using and touching gently helps to reach the goal slowly.

6) Do not worry unnecessarily about performance, do not be disappointed if you can not perform as expected in sex. Remember, a one-day deviation will never make you short in the eyes of a lover. On the contrary, he will suffer a little humiliation, thinking that he may not have been able to take care of himself. Don’t be unduly ashamed or embarrassed if you want to discuss this. Remember, he is your partner in this game. However, Kersner said that if this happens again and again, a doctor should be consulted.

9) Say it over and over again … Girls like to be admired by men for their looks, temperament or dress. Suppose she is wearing a dress that enhances her sexual appeal, in this situation do not frown or openly admire her hot looks. You will see that even though he is hypocritically angry, he is actually happy.

10) Keep an eye out In the park or cafe, you may be more comfortable sitting next to your lover. Touching his body may show your happiness. But don’t forget, girls prefer to keep an eye on their boyfriends. Even if you look at each other face to face, they feel dissatisfied. So concentrate. Kersner’s tips: If you can keep an eye on your partner even during sexual intercourse, you will get benefits in hand.

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