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The Race for Trump’s Throne: 11 Unexpected Contenders From All Walks Of Life

While the first primaries are months away, the race is on for the Republican candidates for 2024. While Donald Trump has a hold on the lead, it’s debatable if anyone will take the reins from him. A recent poll from 538 Interactives reveals that 54 percent of likely Republican supporters back Trump.

Like the Democratic field in 2020, the race is full of participants. Here are the 11 leading candidates to take the throne from Trump.

DeSantis is closest in the race to Trump, albeit with a minimal support of 14 percent. The brash governor had hoped to strongly challenge Trump for the nomination.

That remains to be seen. Like Trump, DeSantis also seeks to move the ball on giving the Executive Branch more power.

Former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley is the lone female in the race for the nomination. Unfortunately for her, she is getting outshined by the barbs between Trump and DeSantis.

Her best hope is to perform well in the early primaries. Otherwise, at a current support of six percent, she may not make the leap.

Ramaswamy has been sort of a darling of the far right. He’s running as an outsider, but his youth could be a detractor.

As a first-time candidate, he seems more of a future thought and not a rival to Trump. He ranks just below Haley, coming in just shy of six percent in support.



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