The flag of Bangladesh first flew in the house abroad

The Bangladesh Sub-High Commission in Kolkata has observed “Bangladesh’s first flag hoisting day in foreign missions abroad”. On 16 April 1971, the first national flag with the map of independent Bangladesh was hoisted at the Bangladesh Mission in Calcutta, India. It was lifted by the heroic freedom fighter M. Hossain Ali.

He was then working as Deputy High Commissioner at the Pakistan Embassy in Calcutta. M. Husain Ali renounced allegiance to Pakistan along with 75 officers and employees of his mission and openly showed allegiance to the Mujibnagar government. And from then on, the process of gaining foreign support for the revolutionary government began. At the same time, Hussain Ali hoisted the national flag with the map of independent Bangladesh instead of the Pakistani flag at the country’s first foreign embassy in Calcutta.

As a result, Pakistan Embassy became Bangladesh Mission in a moment. Instead of renaming the Pakistan embassy, ​​the name plate of ‘Bangladesh Diplomatic Mission’ was unveiled there. Jinnah’s picture was removed from the central hall of the newly formed Bangladesh Diplomatic Mission and a picture of President Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and poet Kazi Nazrul Islam was hung there. It was a historical event in the freedom struggle which served as a source of inspiration for the heroic freedom fighters of Bangladesh.

The Calcutta Deputy High Commission commemorated that historic day on Thursday. Due to official engagements, April 19 was observed by the mission instead of April 17. This morning, the Deputy High Commissioner and other officials and employees of the mission marched around the premises of the Deputy High Commission at ‘9, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Memorial’ in Kolkata with the national flag of Bangladesh.

Besides Deputy High Commissioner Tawfiq Hasan, Head of Chancery Mia Mohammad Moinul Kabir, First Secretary (Press) Mofakkharul Iqbal, First Secretary (Visa) Mansur Ahmed Biplob, First Secretary (Commerce) Mohammad Saiful Islam, Second Secretary (Political) were also present. Etc. The national flag of Bangladesh was then hoisted in front of the main gate of the mission.

After touring with the national flag, Tawfiq Hasan said that the national flag was hoisted for the first time in independent Bangladesh in 1971 at the Bangladesh Sub High Commission in Kolkata outside Bangladesh. One day after the government was first sworn in at Mujibnagar on April 17 of that year, the then Deputy High Commissioner of the Calcutta High Commission Hossain Ali did a brave deed on April 17, when the building was the office of the Deputy High Commission of Pakistan.

Then he lowered the flag of Pakistan and hoisted the flag of Bangladesh. The incident received wide publicity in the media at that time. And as a result, at that time all the outside world came to know that a country called Bangladesh was fighting for independence. This is why this day is so important to us. Today, to commemorate the day, all the officers and employees of the mission carried the national flag around the entire mission premises and hoisted it.

Meanwhile, the Deputy High Commissioner of Calcutta Deputy High Commission Tawfiq Hasan and all the officers and employees of the Deputy High Commissioner of Calcutta expressed their sincere congratulations and gratitude for celebrating this historic day with due dignity. Hossain Ali Welfare Foundation Secretary General M. Habibullah Habib. He said this when the reporter contacted him about the day. At that time, he called upon all embassies abroad, including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bangladesh, to celebrate this historic day in the future.

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