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Sweet Treats and Comforting Classics

Some days only your favorite foods can make you feel better. At Better Homes & Gardens, decades of classic comfort foods and recipes are in our archives. And we’ve tested them all. So if you’re craving some hearty pasta or a giant, fluffy cinnamon roll, there’s a classic recipe (that may be an old or new favorite!) to warm your soul.


With layer upon layer of beef, sausage, veggies, cheese, and pasta, this warm and bubbly lasagna is one of the classic comfort foods. Crushed fennel seeds and a topping of fresh basil offer big flavor boosts. The homemade béchamel sauce adds a rich, garlicky, saucy layer to make the best lasagna you’ve ever had.Once you try our cinnamon roll recipe featuring our secret ingredient (mashed potatoes!), you’ll never make sweet breakfast rolls another way. Don’t worry; they don’t taste like the potatoes. The spuds contribute to the light, fluffy texture.A big bowl of spaghetti with meat sauce and a slice of garlic bread is the ultimate classic comfort food recipe. Use this meal to find comfort after a crazy day, as any day can be better with satisfying carbs. The splash of cream gives the meaty tomato sauce an indulgent and thick consistency.


These creamy meatballs are the ultimate cold-weather comfort food. Serve them alongside homemade spaetzle for a delicious take on classic German meatballs. A sprinkle of fresh dill is the perfect finish.Chicken and noodles are just what the doctor orders when you’re under the weather any time of year. Rather than opening up a can of soup, enjoy some cooking therapy by preparing homemade dumplings and shredding a roasted chicken.Chocolate chip may be the most beloved cookie ever, so we didn’t mess with perfection.


It’s got just the right amount of butter for crispness around the cookie’s edges and brown sugar for a chewy center. You’ll definitely be making this classic comfort food recipe again and again.Few side dishes compare to a warm scoop of silky potatoes. (Though if you want to eat them as a main dish, that’s fine too!) Cream cheese and half-and-half go in to make these potatoes even more indulgent. Whether you enjoy yours as-is, with a pat of butter, or topped with a pool of gravy, you might like to try one of our four flavor options. Let your appetite steer your mix-in decision of bacon-cheddar-chive, herb-garlic, and chile pepper taco seasoning.This tried-and-true meat loaf recipe combines sautéed vegetables, two types of ground meat, and bread crumbs for a moist, flavorful classic comfort food main dish. A classic ketchup-and-brown-sugar glaze will have the whole family’s mouths watering.Fried foods are a go-to for many seeking comfort food.


Fish and chips (aka French fries) became a delicacy in the UK more than 150 years ago, and with one bite, it’s easy to understand how the dish became a staple on menus worldwide. This fish recipe features a cup of beer in the batter, resulting in a light, airy, and crisp exterior after a swim in the fryer.No dessert says summer like strawberry shortcake. So whether it’s peak strawberry season or you simply need a taste of summer, this strawberry dessert recipe is a classic comfort food treat. Prepared as a layer cake instead of as individual biscuits, it’s a showstopper that will look stunning on your table.This classic comfort food recipe will make those around your dinner table feel like they ordered from a fancy Italian restaurant.


Plus, it’s easier than you’d think! Juicy chicken in this Italian rice dish makes it a meal and complements the aromatic rosemary and Marsala wine sauce.This easy beef stroganoff recipe will definitely cure your comfort food needs in a pinch. The creamy sauce with earthy mushrooms and tender chunks of beef are perfect on top of cooked egg noodles. Bonus: It takes only 30 minutes to make from start to finish.Perfectly golden and crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside, this from-scratch fried chicken recipe is the ultimate Southern comfort food (but it hits the spot no matter where you live). The buttermilk brine brings a whole new level of flavor to the chicken. Your family is sure to devour this one right away.



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