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Simple, Focused Gear Changed My Music Journey

It’s hard to grasp, but you can feel it with – almost – all your senses: Music accompanies us and is always a part of our lives. We listen to music at home, in the car, at festivals or at parties. We sing in the shower, at the campfire, rock out in the rehearsal room or on stage.

This much is for sure: Music is the opposite of silence. It fills and enriches our lives with all its facets: music lets us experience extraordinary moments of happiness and also has the power to move us to tears! Here are 9 reasons why music is the most amazing thing in the world. Surely you will agree with one point or another…

1. It transcends walls and boundaries with its language
Music is the language that everyone understands. It is an element that connects people around the globe regardless of their origin and cannot be stopped by borders or prejudices. It seems that making music is even one of the most basic human instincts. After all, it can be found everywhere – from tropical rainforests to the largest metropolises to Greenland, Jamaica and even Neverland. Music overcomes barriers, internal and external ones, visible and invisible.

2. Music knows a beginning, but no end
Music is boundless in itself, no matter how advanced or virtuoso you may be, there is always something new to discover. There is simply no end to the creative possibilities – never! Why does this remind me of the “infinite vastness of the universe”?

3. Music connects people
Isn’t it unbelievable how many people get together at gigantic concerts? All of them are unique individuals but are like-minded in their love of music and having a good time. And that also works in the smallest groups, for example with a few people, and an acoustic guitar, at the campfire. Not to mention a band’s solidarity or the glorious teamwork in the orchestra. Music is, so to speak, the positive “social glue” or “social chewing gum“. ?

4. Fun factor, always included
The interesting thing when you embark on a musical journey: First you learn the steps and acquire the necessary tools, dexterity and muscle control. Then you learn more and more and become better. If you keep at it your skills eventually bloom like a flower. But even for the greatest virtuosos there is always something new to discover. Creativity knows no end.

5. It is a medium that translates and expresses unexpressed feelings
With an instrument you can express feelings in an incomparable way. If the guitarist lets his guitar cry during the blues, then it’s his/her very own emotions, which he/she probably never could or wanted to put into words. When the sax player starts soloing, he/she plays with goosebumps directly from the soul. Words are not necessary.

6. It’s good for your head
It has long been scientifically proven that making music can positively affect the brain and nervous system. While playing, various areas of the brain are triggered and new connections and networks are established within the brain when learning an instrument. You have to think faster than the instrument can play; usually milliseconds in advance. And somehow this is possible! Remarkable!

7. It’s a turbo boost for memory and coordination
Let’s take the gigging musician, the dude from next door, as an example: The gig begins; now he has to recall everything, which can be a lot: lyrics, chords, solos, rhythms, finger coordination and possibly the synchronised jumping of the band, in time. And all this without constantly staring at notes or a conductor. How does that work? Musicians have to practice, practice, practice. And that increases the ability to concentrate and trains mental and physical memory immensely.

8. Strengthens self-confidence
Music can help kids to strengthen their self-confidence. After all, we are all aware that no one is unmusical, but not everyone can play an instrument. That’s why it’s quite clear: Whoever learns to play a musical instrument can do something special, something good, something out of the ordinary. And this self-confidence alone can sometimes give a lot of strength. You’ll always be a rock star to someone…

9. Making music gives you all the freedom the world has to offer
What you play, when, where and why is entirely up to you. Of course, in the band or orchestra you have to subordinate yourself to the overall outcome, which is also a beautiful thing. But you always have the possibility to go your own musical way or to discover new paths. If you improvise, there is no restraint. If you feel like playing hard ‘n’ heavy, dreamy or melancholic then do exactly that. Not a single note will pat you on the shoulders like a teacher and say: “Hey, you can’t do that”!




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