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ransform Your Bedroom into a Calming Oasis

Considering the amount of time you spend either asleep, or trying to get to sleep, your bedroom should be the pinnacle of tranquility and peace. In reality, it’s often the place we sleepily traipse to without a second thought.

We’ve rounded up ten ways you can freshen up your bedroom for spring, creating a calming space you want to spend time in.

1. Treat yourself to some new bed linen

One easy way to spruce up the room is to get yourself some new, quality bedding. Let’s face it, bobbly duvet covers and worn sheets won’t have you dreaming of bedtime.

Make your bed a real focal point by opting for a soft print in earthy colours. We love M&S’ Pineapple Print Bedset.2. Declutter your bedside table

It’s easy for your bedside table to become a dumping ground for mugs, painkillers, books and other pieces of paraphernalia you’ve accumulated. So, why not have a little spring clean? All you really need is the book you’re currently reading, a bedside lamp and a soothing scented candle.

3. Hide your wires

While you’re in the decluttering mood, why not tackle that unsightly clump of wires trailing across your bedroom? Grab some cord clips and attach your wires behind dressers and tables to keep them concealed.

4. Get the right mattress

An old sagging mattress not only affects your quality of sleep but can take its toll on your health and wellbeing. Mattresses that don’t properly support you can lead to poor sleeping posture and strain the muscles, leading to back pain.

Experts suggest replacing your mattress if it’s over 10 years old. For maximum support, the M&S buyers recommend a mattress with double-spring layers – the top layer shapes to the body’s contours, while the bottom layer absorbs weight distribution for ultimate comfort.5. Move your furniture around

An easy way to transform your room with minimal effort is to play around with the furniture arrangement. Try shifting your bed to a different area of the room or experimenting with the room’s focal point.

According to feng shui, the optimum position for your bed – and thus a good night’s sleep – is against the wall diagonally across from the door (but not directly opposite the door or under a window).

6. Add spring accents

Get that instant spring feeling by adding some floral touches. Avoid an all-out twee look by picking out specific accessories like this pretty floral lantern.7. Adjust your lighting

Harsh, artificial lighting takes away from the bedroom’s purpose as an area of relaxation. Position softer lighting, such as some stylish tea lights and candles in safe places around the room to create a more mellow ambience. Or go for the wow factor with statement lighting like this pineapple shaped Puerto Pendant

8. Introduce some greenery

Greenery is the colour of 2017 according to Pantone. But, if you don’t fancy painting your walls a zesty green/yellow shade, you could just introduce some house plants.

Not only do plants provide the bedroom with some fresh focal points, they are said to have a number of benefits that can help you sleep. For example snake plants (also known as mother-in-law’s tongue) produce oxygen at nighttime.

9. Go retro

The 70s vibe is back for interiors in 2017, from the use of natural woods to geometric prints and a cool retro colour palette of caramels, burnt orange and yellows.

For a little 70s nostalgia, introduce splashes of marigold with accessories like this daisy geometric cushion.10. Block out unwanted light

If there’s one thing that’s going to snap you out of a tranquil slumber it’s beaming sunlight first thing in the morning, so make sure your curtains or blinds are thick enough to cancel out the light. Similarly try to keep electronics out of the bedroom as the blue LED lights can be distracting.



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