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New types of remote jobs

5 Categories of Remote Work
There are a lot of misconceptions about remote work. For instance, some people refer to remote jobs as freelancing. Others believe you cannot do a full-time job remotely. To dispel these myths, here are the categories of remote work:

Freelancing: Freelancing is an option that working remotely offers you. Because you work from a remote location, you can work with as many businesses as you can manage. However, unlike other categories of remote work where you only focus on your talents, you are responsible for more. For instance, you will find clients yourself, market your services, and manage your billing and taxes.
Work From Home (WFH): This remote work option means you work for your employer from home instead of from an office.
Hybrid (WFH + In-office): The hybrid model combines WFH and in-office work. Even though your employer offers you a remote work option, you are sometimes expected to show up in the office. Many companies adopted this model when lockdown restrictions were reduced during the pandemic. And according to an AT&T study, the hybrid work model will grow to 81% in 2024.
Remote-friendly: If your company is “remote-friendly,” you can work remotely occasionally but will be expected to be present in the office most of the time.
Fully remote: Fully remote Companies don’t expect their employees to be in the office anytime. In fact, you may never meet your employer in person if you work for fully remote companies. Offering a 100% remote job can be an effective way for businesses to attract diverse talent. It is also a means for job seekers to work with international companies.



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