Muktamanir had a great desire to survive, this grief will last forever

Every human life is big and diverse. All the thoughts of strange people. And he wants to surround his world with all that diversity. Where there will be no despair, obstacles, decay, death, weeping. Where the book will be fragrant with gentle breeze, the chirping of birds, the beautiful nature, in a word, love and another shady world.

In a short life, people do not get everything. Payana is the cradle of survival in the heart.

Leaving some dreams unfulfilled, in the midst of dissatisfaction, people leave all the love and affection of the world and one day go away to immerse themselves in the eternal current of time.

But no one knows when the story of not returning will start, and people go on weaving thousands of dreams because they don’t know! However, longevity or immortality is the eternal desire of human beings. The little pearl is no exception. He has repeatedly fought with himself to keep himself alive. There was a great desire to survive.

The first manifestation of the disease occurs five years after birth. The Prime Minister himself responded on the basis of continuous news coverage in the media as he was suffering from a rare disease. Even then, the grace of the Creator and the family’s deep love, affection and the love of the visible and the invisible as well as the invisible stranger, Muktamani started dreaming anew in response to the blessing and the Prime Minister, but it was a rare moment of nightmares.

Although the Prime Minister smuggled arms in six phases on her own responsibility, Muktamani’s dreams of turning around have been repeatedly stumbled upon.

In the end, Mukta crossed the country without crying to every person in the country. Muktamani could feel how much love there was for her in the small chest of the world. Hundreds of people constantly took care of his news. Now maybe he is no longer on earth. Maybe he doesn’t see the flashes of loss in the eyes of all the people of the country. Everybody’s eyes are glistening with tears. No one has any blood relation with Muktamani, no kinship. Yet this relationship seems to have taken precedence over everything else.

It was unimaginable that a small person would leave everyone crying so much. If Muktamani had survived, all the people would have been very happy. Many of Muktamani’s well-wishers still can’t believe that she has disappeared. Everyone thinks it’s a nightmare. Maybe all those nightmares will be shattered by the light of the sun that is expected next morning.

Parents, sister Hiramani, grandmother, relatives, distant people, no one wanted you to leave. Everyone tried hard to hold you. Your dear sister Hiramani, maybe she is more injured. The sister’s inconsistency was revealed through everything. Hiramani had a new dream to play with you, go to school together, spend her lazy time sitting under a date tree in the village. All those desires were defeated by the cruel reality. A grief will remain in the hearts of 160 million people forever. Your loved ones will spend their lives thinking of the beautiful moments spent with you.

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