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imple Joys to Make Your Day Shine

How do you make your day the best one ever, every single day?

Consistently having a great day starts with setting yourself up for success each morning. It’s about starting your day with the things that bring you joy. It’s doing things you love and feeling productive so that you can feel prepared to handle anything.

The best way to ensure a terrific day is by making great days a habit. When you wake up feeling rested and excited to get moving, nothing can stop you from living it up.

How you shape your morning routine is completely up to you. But we recommend starting with these five things that will help put some pep in your step, a smile on your face, and confidence in your mind.
1. Drink a Glass of Water
If you love to “wake and caffeinate,” trust you’re in good company. But before you brew your coffee, reach for a glass of water. Drinking water first thing in the morning is a great way to rehydrate after a good night’s sleep, plus it helps your body feel refreshed.

There are other physical health benefits, too: better gut health, brain function, and immune system, improved skin health, and a kickstart to your metabolism.
2. Make Your Bed
If you don’t already make your bed each morning, you might be surprised by just how much this one simple action can change your entire day! Just the act of tidying your bed linens can give you a great sense of accomplishment. You’ve already done one task, and your day has barely even started. That task tends to have a snowball effect, and eventually, it will have turned into many tasks throughout the day.

Plus, even the small motions of making your bed mean you’re moving around in the morning. Get the blood flowing early to stimulate your brain and set the pace for the rest of your day.
3. Engage All Your Senses
Have you ever been lured out of bed by the wonderful smells of brekkie in the morning? Then you already know how powerful the senses can be in setting the course for your day.

Many of us wake up to a sound-based alarm clock. We hear our day starting before we see, smell, taste, or touch it. And many agree that it’s much more pleasant waking to the sound of birds chirping than a blaring alarm, and those sounds can put us in different moods first thing in the morning.

Consider how our other senses can play a role in shaping the tone for the day. For example, a delicious brekkie of sausage, bacon, and eggs can make it easier to get moving in the morning. Listening to a favourite song or podcast can help you feel inspired. Even the touch of something you love, such as a luxurious silk bathrobe or your cloud-like organic cotton sheets, can stimulate your brain and stir positive emotions.
4. Get Into a Student Mindset
Every day brings the opportunity for new adventures, new information, and new experiences. Be ready to receive these opportunities when they come by starting your day with an open mind.

Adopting a student-like mentality means being ready to learn. It takes nothing for granted and tries to take something new away from every experience. It’s the very definition of personal growth, and growth comes easier to those who look for it.
5. Express Gratitude
Before you face the rest of your day, don’t forget to be thankful for the opportunities you’ve experienced and those that are about to come your way. Gratitude has a positive effect on the mind and body and can help us to become more resilient and able to deal with difficult situations. Try to think of at least three things you can be grateful for each day. Say them to yourself or say them out loud—just take time to fully appreciate them.

If journaling is your style, keep a gratitude journal and make new entries every time something positive happens in your life. It might surprise you just how quickly you can fill up a page!
Go Ahead — Make Your Day!
Having bedsmade sheets means you can effortlessly make the perfect bed every morning. Wake up to the chaos of modern daily life and immediately have a positive impact. Your first action of the day has a beautiful result every time and a knock-on effect on everything that comes afterwards. Bed “making” does indeed help make your day!



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