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How to Speak Your Partner’s Love Language

We wanted to share our favorite ways of speaking the 5 different love languages at our places to make every stay one that will speak to both of you.

The five love languages is an idea first introduced by Dr. Gary Chapman in his book The 5 Love Languages, that everyone likes to receive and give love in one or two of five ways: quality time, words of affirmation, physical touch, acts of service and receiving gifts. When partners learn each other’s love language and are intentional about showing their love in the way that their partner receives it best, it’ll enhance your relationship and make each other feel loved and fulfilled.

If you don’t know your love language or your partner’s, you can take the “5 Love Languages” quiz online or read more about each love language in detail.

If you or your sweetie’s love language is quality time, a getaway with just the two of you is a no-brainer to fill your love cup. However, to take it up a notch with a proper lie-in. Check out by checking in. Just the two of you. Order room service for dinner and spend the night focused on each other (bonus points for putting the phone away for the night). Play a couples game, read a novel together or spend all night talking like lovestruck teenage sweethearts. The next day order breakfast in bed and take the morning real slow. Don’t leave the room until it’s time to check out.

This love language is all about communication. Expressing your love with meaningful and mindful words will strengthen the bond between you and your partner who’s love language is words of affirmation. During your visit, take the time to express how much your partner means to you in one or a few of these ways:

Little notes left around the room and their suitcase expressing a quality of your partner that you admire and adore.
Any time your partner does something kind or special during the getaway, express your gratitude and love at that very moment.
Write a letter recounting the special memories that you have made with your partner and why they are so special. Read it to them while you share dessert after dinner.
A sweet caress there, a kiss in the elevator, you can really let your imagination run wild with this one. These are just a few ideas to tickle your inspiration:

Play discreet footies at dinner. Don’t let others see (wink, wink).
Turn on romantic music in the room and have a dance or two.
A sensual massage with our luxury massage essential add-ons. This can also be considered an act of service.
This love language centers around doing something for someone else. Both small and large gestures can make your sweetie feel loved. We think that the intentionally planning and execution of a getaway could be labeled as an act of service (maybe even do the packing as well). During your getaway, pay mindful attention to opening doors, carrying bags and small other acts of kindness. Try drawing your loved one a hot sensuous bath or giving them a massage. That will ensure they feel relaxed and loved at the same time.

For those who feel loved when they receive gifts, disguise a weekend getaway as a dinner date night. Then present your sweetie with a small gift and a key card to a room at the Proximity. You can work with us to set the room filled with all the things they will love. Choose their favorite gifts from flowers to late-night sweets to luxury bath products and couples games. It’ll be a gift that just keeps giving. See a la carte amenitites.



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