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How to Find Flexible Work and Be Your Own Boss

Some people are more successful when they work for themselves. In fact, as more professionals embraced remote work over the past several years, they discovered they enjoyed the freedom and creativity of being their own boss. While self-employment takes discipline and responsibility, it yields incredible rewards, particularly if your skill set lends itself to an industry with numerous self-employment opportunities.

If you’re looking for a new career path that will let you be your own boss, read on for insights into viable self-employed opportunities. Self-employed jobs that allow you to be your own boss
Self-employment has numerous benefits. For example, flexibility is a significant upside. When you’re your own boss, you choose the working hours that best fit your schedule, and vacation time isn’t limited or restricted. Additionally, self-employed professionals have more control over their income and schedules. For example, freelancers can book more clients to boost their income or accept fewer jobs when they need downtime.

Remote work tools and online environments facilitate numerous profitable self-employed business opportunities that you can explore from your home office. Here are a few examples:

Writer: Freelance writers can work flexible hours and take on as few or as many projects as their schedules allow. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the median annual salary for writers is $73,150.
Programmer: Independent workers are ideal for web and software development. Independent contractors are hired by application and software firms without in-house teams. BLS data says programmers make upward of $97,800 annually.
Digital marketer: Self-employed professionals with a background in digital marketing can explore a search engine optimization (SEO) career. Businesses hire SEO marketers to boost their web presence. According to BLS data, the median pay for marketing managers is over $158,000 annually. Digital marketers also help businesses manage their social media presence.
Financial advisor. Self-employed financial advisors can make an excellent living by offering startups and small business owners personalized financial management services. Everyone can use a financial advisor in their corner come tax season (or any time of the year) to help organize and set aside their earnings. The median pay for financial advisors is $95,390 annually.
Sound engineering technician. Freelance sound engineers can work on projects they love on a contract basis, recording sound for productions such as videos, movies, television shows and podcasts. The median annual salary for sound engineering technicians is $75,590, according to BLS data.



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