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How can we resolve to improve our HR in 2024?

10 Jan How can we resolve to improve our HR in 2024?
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by Margie Reed

As we quickly approach the New Year, resolutions are on everyone’s mind. As you ponder personal resolutions, take a few minutes to brainstorm and write down your HR resolutions!

Now is the perfect time to set your organization’s HR up for success in 2024. Here are our favorite three HR-related resolutions to get your list started:

Get and/or Stay Compliant – New year, new laws. Order new posters, update your Staff Handbook, and make sure you’re offering adequate compensation in light if minimum wage increases. Get ahead of the updates and then add something new to your arsenal that will make it easier for you to stay compliant.
Learn Something New – This could look like reviewing old policies and procedures your staff has long forgotten, implementing Harassment Prevention training to further a culture of inclusivity in the workplace, or furthering your own education through a ministry-specific HR training.
Work Less, Live More – It’s been proven that productivity goes up when hours worked go down. Employees are more focused, feel more appreciated and have more time away from work to unwind and decrease burnout. Lead by example. Get help streamlining your tasks and then ask your employees how you can help them reduce their hours in the office.
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