Hero Alam has been accused of copying the lyrics and melody of the song

Debate and Hero Alam are like the back of a coin. This young man from Bogra, who has come to discuss the welfare of social media, can’t do anything without criticism. Whatever the controversy, it needs a view. Hero Alam has always been successful in that target. Although he sang the song, he got a good response on YouTube.

However, the case was also joined by fate. He recently released a song titled ‘Babu Khaicho’ on his YouTube. It was written by Mom Rahman. However, Mir Masum, one of the members of the Souls band and music director, has been accused of copying the lyrics and melody of the viral song ‘Babu Khaicho’.

Mir Masum has also filed a case against Hero Alam under the Digital Security Act.

The song ‘Babu Khaicho’, which came up in a heated discussion recently, was written and sung to the tune of Mir by his younger brother DJ Maruf. It was released on September 5 under the banner of Eagle Music. Then the song became very popular and viral on YouTube and Facebook. Through the song, Mir Brothers brings out some inconsistencies or culture of the recent lovers.

Seeing the success of this song, Hero Alam also made his own song in his imitation. Mir Alam’s allegation, the title of the song, the magnet part and the melody are exactly copied by Hero Alam. They further claim that Hero Alam has defamed the original song, artist and art by making this song. So they have taken legal action against Dar.

Masum told the media that a case was filed against Hero Alam under Section 22-23-24 of the Digital Security Act last Sunday (December 6) at the Cyber ​​Crime Tribunal. The plaintiff is Mir Masum. Lawyer Didar-us-Salam has filed the case on his behalf.

The lawyer said the case has now been referred to the CID for investigation.

When Hero Alam was contacted in this regard, they did not respond.

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