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Here’s how CHROs are using gen AI in 2024

The integration of artificial intelligence into the workplace has become a focal point for CHROs, which isn’t a surprise for anyone in the C-suite after a year of gen AI releases and headlines.

According to Gartner, a staggering 76% of HR leaders believe that failing to adopt AI solutions within the next one to two years could leave their companies trailing behind in organizational success. No one wants to play catch up, but no one wants to make a crucial misstep before regulations and internal policies are in place.

Prioritizing AI strategy

This concern is supported by a 2024 predictions report, C-Suite Perspectives from i4cp’s Boards, which emphasizes that HR leaders are prioritizing AI strategy.

Kevin Oakes, i4cp
Kevin Oakes

The report suggests that high-performing organizations—those marked by significant growth in revenue, profitability, market share and elevated customer satisfaction—will increasingly depend on HR teams to introduce AI into the workforce.

CHROs, in particular, have identified delivering workforce “efficiency and effectiveness” through organizational AI initiatives as a key priority for 2024, as reported to i4cp.

Despite the acknowledgment of AI’s importance, many HR professionals are cautiously testing the waters before fully implementing AI efforts. A recent HRE survey revealed that over 60% of respondents indicated their HR teams were not yet currently leveraging AI for any functions.

However, those who have ventured into using gen AI have reported engaging in diverse applications, according to feedback in HRE’s survey, What’s Keeping HR Up at Night?. This showcases the versatility of use cases now available, and analysts expect more to come as overarching strategies and platform implementations unfold over the next months and years.

Using gen AI for current tasks

Some of the ways HRE readers are currently leveraging gen AI include:

  • the creation of onboarding chatbots
  • crafting job descriptions
  • drafting communications
  • generating interview questions
  • analyzing surveys
  • compiling meeting minutes

i4cp’s inquiry into the use cases of CHROs actively employing gen AI also revealed:

  • automation of email writing
  • development of presentations
  • formulation of policies
  • creation of case studies
  • scenario planning
  • summarization of employee sentiment from surveys
  • staying abreast of industry trends
  • performance review analysis documentation
  • implementing FAQ chatbots to address HR-related inquiries

Kevin Oakes, CEO of i4cp, writes in his predictions report that his firm’s research demonstrates that leading-edge AI adoption is connected to strong business performance. “AI Innovators are more likely to have higher market performance, increased levels of innovation and productivity, and healthier cultures than those that have been slower to adopt AI,” writes Oakes. “Keeping HR out of AI strategy conversations could prove quite costly in the long-term.”



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