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Healthy Recipes for Couples on a Budget

Healthy Recipes That Will Save You Money
Great taste doesn’t have to break the bank. These recipes are designed to tantalize your taste buds without straining your wallet. Wholesome, nutritious food should be accessible and enjoyable for everyone. A few strategic ingredients and pantry staples—along with some smart techniques—can help you achieve the right balance between healthy and low-cost. Whether you’re a seasoned home cook or just starting your culinary journey, these meals will inspire you to create delectable dishes that are kind to both your health and your budget.

Start with this recipe that uses an affordable cut (flank steak) to add protein to a tasty salad. A simple balsamic marinade helps tenderize the tougher cut which cooks up fast on a hot grill.White Chili
Pair cost-effective ground turkey with a couple of cans of white beans to create a heart-healthy stew that’s packed with protein and full of flavor. A few poblanos add a smoky flavor along with a mixture of warming spices like coriander and cumin.Penne With Roasted Tomatoes, Garlic, and White Beans
Pantry staples like dried pasta and canned beans are great ingredients for creating wallet-friendly meals. Roasting the tomatoes concentrates the flavor to stretch those pennies even further without adding any extra items.Chicken Enchilada Rice Bake
Store-bought rotisserie chicken can save both money and time, as the main protein for this zesty Mexican-inspired dish is already cooked. Add to that some seasoned rice, sharp shredded Cheddar cheese, and a few corn tortillas, and you have a tasty casserole that’s easy enough for any weeknight rush.



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