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Habits for a More Energized Morning

If you’re not a morning person, starting the day can be a challenge – and you might prefer to sleep in until the last possible moment. However, data from a global market research firm proves that people who maintain a morning routine are more likely to consider themselves successful than people who don’t keep a routine. If you want to increase your productivity during the day, follow these five simple morning habits.

1. Avoid the snooze button.
It’s tempting to use the snooze feature to get a few extra minutes of sleep in the morning. But according to expert neurologists, that extra sleep doesn’t actually give you more energy. If you hit snooze and fall back into a deep sleep, you’ll be more tired when the alarm wakes you up again. Oversleeping can also disrupt your body’s internal clock. To break your habit of hitting snooze, try these steps:

Set your alarm for the time you want to get up. (Don’t give into the temptation to set your alarm a little earlier and give yourself time to snooze. Instead, get the maximum amount of sleep and then get up with your alarm.)
Turn on your light when your alarm goes off. Light tells your body it’s time to wake up.
Move your alarm clock or phone across the room. If you have to get out of bed to turn off your alarm, you’re more likely to get your day started.
2. Give yourself time before work.
Waking up and rushing into your day isn’t good for you. Instead, try waking up earlier than you need to so you can set a more consistent routine. One study found that starting your day just one hour earlier is associated with a 23% lower rate of depression.

Most research indicates that successful entrepreneurs, executives, and influencers get up well before their work starts – usually between 5:00 a.m. and 7:00 a.m. Rather than jumping into your workday as soon as you wake up, try leaving yourself enough time to enjoy a cup of coffee, read a book, or even set a plan for your day.

3. Drink a glass of water.
If you need energy in the morning, your go-to drink may be coffee or tea. While the caffeine is great for a boost, water is even more important. When you wake up every morning, you’ve likely gone several hours without water – and dehydration can severely impact your daily functions. Drinking less than four cups of water per day is associated with reduced cognitive function, which can involve fatigue, mood swings, and lack of focus. Starting your day with a glass of water helps you ensure you’re consuming enough liquids to stay healthy. (Medical experts recommend that men drink about 15.5 cups of water per day and women drink about 9.5 cups.)

4. Eat a healthy breakfast.
When you choose to sleep in, breakfast might be the first thing you sacrifice. It’s easier to grab a granola bar or skip breakfast entirely – but it’s not healthier. Breakfast is crucial for replenishing your supply of glucose in the morning so you can be more energized and alert. Luckily, your morning meal doesn’t have to be a five-course affair. There are plenty of recipes you can find to make a quick, healthy breakfast. Some popular ideas are:

Oatmeal with fruit
Muffins (which you can make ahead of time)
Egg sandwich with veggies
Smoothie with assorted ingredients
5. Do a short workout.
Getting some exercise in the morning is a good way to clear your head and start your day with a blank slate. Research from the American Psychological Association shows that people who stay active are more relaxed and in better moods than people who don’t prioritize regular activity. You don’t have to go out and run a 5K every morning; doing a short workout for 15-20 minutes is enough to make a positive impact. Consider activities like:

Walking around your block
Doing a morning yoga meditation
Riding a stationary bike or elliptical while watching morning news or listening to a podcast
As an added bonus, exercise won’t just make you more productive – it will also promote better sleep and reduce your need to hit snooze in the morning!

It’s easy to fall into the habit of sleeping late, rolling out of bed at the last minute, and skipping a typical routine. But your morning habits will influence your entire day. Make sure you’re setting the right tone from the moment you wake up.



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