Find out the benefits of any oil in the winter season

The saying ‘lime is fresh in water, hair is fresh in oil’ is true. Pair of oil to keep hair beautiful. Oil is unique not only for hair but also for skin beauty. Various oils have been used in beauty for a long time. However, there are also types of oil.

Find out the benefits of any oil in winter season
French chemist Renেনে Maurice Gatfossi was one day engaged in research in his laboratory. Suddenly a chemical jar overturned in his hand. The skin of the hand begins to burn in reaction to the acid. Unaware of what to do, he poured the oil in a jar next to his hand. The skin of the hand slowly begins to heal. He later noticed that the water he had poured into his hand was actually lavender oil. Oil is so effective in skin care or treatment.

Whether skin or hair, the oil has long been used in beauty treatments for its medicinal properties. You can use olive oil or rose oil mixed with milk. Just like oil keeps the skin soft, deeply moisturizing does not make wrinkles on the skin easy. However, the same oil is not equally effective on facial skin, body skin and scalp. The type of oil will also change according to the skin type and problem.

Oil massage is urgent for that reason
To understand why it is important to apply oil, you need to know how oil works. When oil is applied, it enters the pores and nourishes the skin. And forms an armor outside the skin. As a result, the skin retains moisture, and the weather outside does not penetrate the oil and affect the skin. As a result, the skin does not crack or stretch. So the wrinkles do not fall. There is also a share of oil. Vegetable oils (olive, almond, etc.) and essential oils (essential oils such as patchouli, sandalwood, etc.) … are the two types of oils that have many benefits. So you have to keep both types of oil in the beauty treatment. Just as the cure for all ailments is not the same, the role and effectiveness of each oil in skin care is different.

Different oils on different skin

Do not apply too much oil on oily skin. In that case, mix a few drops of any essential oil with aloe vera gel and apply it on the face. Tea Tree Oil and Hohoba Oil are very useful for applying on the face. This rule should be followed even on sensitive skin. But for rough skin care you can apply olive oil on the face. You can mix two drops of sandalwood oil in olive oil. The fragrance will reduce fatigue, the skin will not be lined. The skin of the hands and feet also gets very cracked in winter. There is also medicinal oil. After bathing, apply oil on lightly wet skin.

Oil in body massage

In winter, apply more oil on the skin. This is because the blood circulation in the body is better during oil massage. As a result, the body stays warm. Keeps skin of hands and feet smooth. Vegetable oil can be used before bathing for body massage. Beauty experts say oil should be changed according to the season. Such coconut oil is very cold. So you can apply coconut oil in summer. But mustard oil is good for body massage in winter. As this oil nourishes the skin, it also keeps away colds. Because mustard oil is quite hot. You can mix vegetable oil as a base oil with essential oils. When you do body massage to reduce fatigue, mix Neroli oil with the original oil. You can mix Lang Lang Oil to gather energy for all day work. Olive oil is good in summer and almond oil in winter.

Oil fresh hair

You need to apply oil on your hair regularly throughout the year. Oil massage should be done twice a week on rough hair and once a day on normal hair. However, hot oil massage is more beneficial for both skin and hair. So it is better to take any oil before applying it. After massaging the oil in the hair, dip it in a towel in hot water and cover it well. After keeping it like this for five minutes, open it. The oil will sit well on the scalp, will go to the hair roots and provide nutrition.

Make herbal oil at home
Mango oil: Dry the mango and grind it. Mix a handful of dried mango powder in 100 ml coconut oil. This oil should be filled in airtight containers and given daily in the sun. If you keep it in the sun for fifteen days, good oil will be made. Hair health will return, will be brighter.

Brahmi Oil: Boil 500 ml of water with a handful of Brahmi leaves. When the water is completely dry, wait with 250 ml of coconut oil. When the drink is dry and the oil remains, remove from the heat. Mix castor oil with this oil for dagfata hair care.

Curry oil: This oil is effective in stopping hair loss. For this, fry the curry leaves in coconut oil. You will see after a while, the black remains are lying. Pick it up and massage it at the base of the hair. This oil is infallible in restoring the health of the hair.

If you are not in the habit of applying oil, start this cold season. Skin and hair shine will return soon.

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