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Expert Tips and Resources to Get Hired From Anywhere

If you were impacted by the recent #LayOffs, the Remote Work Community has your back! Over recent months, the community has pulled together to collate various FREE resources, advice and support via this Newsletter. A summary of those efforts are enclosed for your perusal.

Best of luck with your job search!

Before we start, take some time to digest and recover – This excellent article by Jennifer Riggins, “How to Cope with uncertain times” , written with care and consideration, invites you to “have a pity party” if you need to! Get Expert Advice on your Remote Job search – What would the Experts Advise? On a recent webinar, experts discussed their top 5 expert tips for success in your remote job search. Featuring: Louis Demetroulakos from Playroll, Fabrizia Zanca from SettleMint, Jordan Carroll, The Remote Coach, and Nadia Harris from Remote Work Advocate.

During this Safety Wing webinar, these seasoned experts recommended starting first with your network of friends to let them know that you are searching for a job. Your contacts will ask you what you are looking for so make sure you understand your personal needs and the company culture that interests you.

Networking, following industry leaders, and participating in events or coffee chats will help you identify the companies that give you what you are looking for. How to STAND OUT as a remote job candidate The same experts also gave further advice on how to STAND OUT within the application process:

reflect on your communication process from the start
prepare to tell your own personal story
ensure your resume covers these fundamentals
consider applying for a role with a video application
enhance networking to supplement your application.
>>> You can find each recommendation in detail in the original article here.

Finally, many people are consider a move into Freelancing, given the current economic climate. I am a proud Solopreneur myself, building my business via the support of a global remote freelance team. Hanna Larsson released a fantastic article with lots of resources and advice on how to move into Freelancing recently. Also, I can personally recommend the wonderful “Future is Freelancing” podcast, hosted by Maya Middlemiss – as I was one of her first guests in 2022!



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