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Everything You Need to Know

Which continent is the largest? What is the composition of the air we breathe? What are the seven natural wonders of the world? You may have once learned the answers to these questions in school, but for most of us those early lessons have faded and been replaced by the minutiae of our daily lives. Yet it can often be helpful to have these facts at your fingertips—and with Everything You Need to Know About Everything, now you can!

Organized into 8 sections—Time & Space, Our World, The Living Earth, Humans, Environment & Society, Making History, Science & Medicine, and Technology & Communications—this fascinating reference is the perfect guide to every aspect of our existence. From the structure of the earth to the structure of our brains, from the big bang to social networking, you’ll gain enough knowledge to satisfy every curiosity.

With maps, charts, and illustrations in full color, Everything You Need to Know About Everything makes it easy to see the world from a new—and wiser!—perspective



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