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Esqueixada de Bacalao (Catalan Cod Fish Salad)

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This refreshing salad, known as Esqueixada de Bacalao, is one of the most popular tapas dishes from the Catalonia region of Spain.

Made with salt cod, fresh veggies, Spanish olive oil and black olives, it’s high in lean protein and low in saturated fats. Just one bite and you’ll be transported to the sunny Mediterranean!

Serve esqueixada de bacalao (also known as esqueixada de bacalla) as a tapas appetizer along with sardine snacks and salpicón de mariscos as they do at Catalan restaurants in Barcelona, Spain. Or as a light lunch.

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Why You’ll Love This Recipe
Esqueixada de bacalao was one of our favourite dishes during our two months spent eating our way around the Mediterranean from Barcelona to Greece to Italy.
While we were already big fans of salted cod having enjoyed it in crispy fritters in Martinique’s accras de morue and as stew in Guatemala’s bacalao a la vizcaína, esqueixada de bacalao is different than other traditional salt cod recipes.

Most importantly, it isn’t battered and deep fried. Instead it’s served crudo (uncooked). In that way it’s similar to a fish dishes such as ceviche and poisson cru.

High in both lean protein and omega-3 fatty acids, esqueixada de bacalao is the perfect fit for the heart-healthy Mediterranean diet.
Bacalao salad combines the saltiness of the cod with the sweetness of ripe tomatoes, the crunchiness of peppers, and the richness of olives, creating a satisfying and flavourful dish without the need for unhealthy saturated fats.
It’s a recipe seafood lovers will instantly fall in love with. Serving cod chilled really allows cod’s delicate flavour to shine through.
This Catalan tapa is a refreshing addition to a tapas selection at a party. It’s meant to be enjoyed in just a few tasty bites.
Super easy to make, esqueixada de bacalao takes less than 10 minutes to put together once the dried cod is desalted.
The vibrant flavour of the cod and crisp veggies makes this Mediterranean dish ideal for summer potlucks or boating trips.
Here are the highlights of what you need to make this esqueixada de bacalao recipe. You’ll find the full ingredient list and quantities in the recipe card (please scroll down).




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