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Effortless, Flavorful Recipes

There’s no denying we all want an extra hour in the day. But we also all know that isn’t about to happen. So, what are the busy parents shuffling their kids from school to sports supposed to feed them? And how about the fresh-out-of-college professionals hustling between work and the gym (or — er — the laundromat)?

If figuring out what’s for dinner and cleaning it all up is all on you, don’t worry. These 10 dinners will help you fit it all in and fill you up.This one-pot meal is really everything you want on a busy night. It’s quick, easy and delicious, and you’ll have one appliance to clean. If you’re still debating whether to buy an air fryer, this recipe will convince you. (And if you need help figuring out which one’s right for you,Clever shortcuts will help you get this cool summer meal on the table in minutes. Adding ice water to the soup just before blending eliminates chilling time, and broiling the quesadillas on a baking sheet means they will be ready in only two minutes! (No, your sheet pan really can do no wrong.)You’ll never find a quicker way to satisfy a meatloaf craving: Simply turn the beloved comfort food into thin patties, then broil to perfection in under 10 minutes.The Pioneer Woman gets her hearty stroganoff on the table in 16 minutes, and you can too. Season and brown beef in an extra-large skillet, then use the same pan for the flavor-packed sauce. Egg noodles cook in about five minutes, and they make a fluffy and welcoming bed for the creamy sauce and bite-size pieces of sirloin.Add everything to the slow cooker before you head out in the morning and come home to a house that smells amazing and a dinner that tastes even better. One bite and you’ll forget all about that stressful day.If you’re not baking chicken in parchment paper, you’re doing it wrong. There’s simply no easier way to get a family-friendly meal on the table and not be stuck with a sink full of dishes. Plus, the parchment packs seal in flavor like you wouldn’t believe.

Place all the ingredients in a pot, add water and simmer. The noodles and sauce cook together, which means this dinner is ready in just 15 minutes — and you’ll literally have one pot to clean up.



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