Delivery: Caesar or normally safe?

Currently, most mothers are interested in having a caesarean section. They have accepted it as an easy way to have children.

But Caesar is a big operation so it has some risks of its own. This is why doctors do not recommend caesarean section to patients without complications.

On the other hand, normal delivery is safe if there are no complications during pregnancy. Normal delivery is not only good for the current pregnancy but also safe for later pregnancies.

However, the question is which is less risky?

According to health experts, currently one in four babies is born by caesarean section.

Benefits of mother in planned cesarean-

* There is not much bleeding

* Do not have to endure the pain of childbirth

Maternal discomfort in a planned cesarean –

* If there is bleeding even after the birth of the baby, in many cases the fetus has to be removed. This is called hysterectomy.

* You have to stay in the hospital for a long time.

* There is pain after the operation which lasts for about a few weeks.

* Increases the risk of heart attack.

* Increases the risk of uterine infection.

* Problems with ectopic or tubal pregnancy, placenta previa, placenta accreta and placental abortion occur later in childbirth.

On the other hand, what are the advantages and disadvantages of normal delivery –

* With normal delivery, the mother returns to normal after a few hours and can start normal activities within a few days.

* Vaginal birth or normal delivery is uncomfortable and difficult.

* It feels dirty because a lot of sweat, amniotic fluid, blood and placenta or veins come out of the body after the baby is born.

* May cause vaginal injury. It can take a long time to sew.

* When the baby is born well, the baby stays calm.

* As soon as the baby is born, it is easier to breastfeed, so the mother-baby relationship is strengthened.

* In the normal delivery process, the baby’s lungs are ready and strong for breathing.

* After the birth of the child, the mother gains physical and mental strength. Through this he gets a wonderful feeling of peace and achievement.

According to the UK’s National Institute for Clinical Excellence, birthdays are a very memorable day for every mother. The pain of childbirth is undoubtedly painful but when the mother sees the face of her newborn child all her pains become dirty.

All mothers have the right to decide on the method of childbirth. But it is also important to help them make the right decisions.

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