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Delicious & Nutritious Meals for Renters

For some people, cooking is a hobby. Hence, these cooking enthusiasts often rent apartment with a kitchen where they can prep their own meals. But not always are we in a mood to come back tired from office and then immediately rush to the kitchen for the cooking task. Sometimes you might even feel a bit unwell and crave for simple comforting meals. Right? So, team colive reviews some very simple yet yummy meal ideas that are quick to prep and still savoury for your taste buds.

Colive reviews top 5 comfort food ideas for lazy renters:

1. Khichdi: This yummy one pot dish always tops the list when you wish to have a quick yet healthy meal at any time of the day. Prepared from lentils, rice and basic spices, khichdi is a filling meal yet very easy to digest. Hence, a good option to go for when you are feeling lazy or even unwell. Simply pair this dish with curd, raita, papad or pickle for enhanced flavour.

2. Peanut Butter Oatmeal: This simple yet filling breakfast option is best for the days when you are running late for office. Boil oats in milk or water until the 2/3 of the liquid is absorbed by the oats. Add salt to taste and then pour this mixture in a bowl. Add peanut butter and available sliced fruits on top for best taste.

3. Cold Sandwich: This basic sandwich requires bread, butter, salt & pepper and veggies of your choice. Spread some butter on a slice of bread, add sliced cucumber and tomatoes, sprinkle some salt and pepper, and then cover with another slice of bread. And your sandwich is ready to eat. You can enhance the taste by pairing it with ketchup and some nachos.

4. Fried rice: This is by far the best recipe to prep an amazing meal by putting leftover rice to good use. All you need to do is stir fry some veggies like carrots, onion and capsicum in a pan, sprinkle salt and pepper to taste, add schezwan sauce and leftover rice. Stir well and your hot and yummy fried rice is ready to eat.

5. Poha: This is one of the best breakfast time as well as evening snack recipesthat arequick, healthy and filling. Simply heat some oil, fry some raw peanuts, add curry leaves, chopped onions and basic spices. Stir for some time and then add soaked poha (Soak in water for 5 mins). Let it cook for 5 mins by covering the lid and yummy poha is ready to eat. Combine it with hot cup of tea and some bhujia for great taste.

And for those rare days when you don’t at all feel like chopping &cooking, keep some ready-to-eat meals stocked in your pantry. With these convenient meals, all you need to do is heat and eat.Easy, huh?And for the ones not at all interested in cooking yet wishing to have the best of home cooked meals; simply go for colive properties with meal inclusive facility and we promise that you would love the experience. Happy Coliving!!



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