Deer killing 5 years, Felani murder trial acquitted?

I will kill you and your family if you do not publicly apologize to the media by withdrawing the allegation. If you don’t listen to me, you will be sent to 64 districts in 64 pieces. Your head will be placed at zero point. Which is either. Keep records. And there will be no harm if you stay with me. I will give you shelter. ‘

DIG Mizanur Rahman, who was withdrawn from the DMP, recently threatened to kill the newsreader on a private television station and offered him an immoral relationship.

Meanwhile, the powerful police officer has been threatening the news reader every day on the telephone saying that all the responsibility for publishing the scandal of his woman in the media should be taken by the news reader.

It has even been alleged that the news reader distorted the picture and spread it on the internet as he did not agree to his proposal.

He said he had lodged a written complaint with the DMP’s Cyber ​​Unit and Crime Division. Concerned about the death threat with his family, he went to the airport police station to file a GD, but it was not recorded for four days. In this situation, the businessman husband of the news reader has been able to keep a general diary at Savar police station by hiding the name of the threatening person.

However, he and his family members have not been able to leave the house for several months due to the constant threat of DIG Mizan. The victim also took leave from the channel where she used to read news due to lack of security. In this situation, he sought the intervention of the Prime Minister for the safety of life and fair trial of the incident.

Meanwhile, the daily also has an audio record of the threat to kill the said news reader and his family if he does not have a normal relationship with DIG Mizan. Mentioning the names of some senior police officers in the audio, DIG Mizan was also heard making various insults.

In a complaint lodged with the Airport Police Station on April 10, Sangbad Pathika said DMP Additional Commissioner Mizanur Rahman, who was withdrawn from the police headquarters, threatened to kill his family by calling his mobile number 017942020 on March 29 at around 2pm. At the same time, media personnel including the police administration were also threatened with death. He also threatened to harass her in various ways if she left home or went to the office.

DIG Mizan even threatened to make pornographic pictures. On the night of the threat, he got information from a Facebook page called ‘Desi Maal’ (in English).

See his pictures and information on that Facebook page. That link has also been highlighted in the complaint. Earlier, he had lodged a GD with Gulshan police station on November 22, 2016 after receiving security threats. The news reader is speculating that three security guards of his Uttara residence may cooperate with DIG Mizan with information.
“With the help of technology, the mobile phone numbers of everyone in my family are tracked,” he said in the complaint. Earlier, my husband also lodged a GD with Savar police station on February 22 after receiving threats in this regard.

In this regard, the news reader said, I went to the airport police station on April 10 to register as a GD. But the OC pointed out various inconsistencies in the allegations and made a strategy of not taking GD. In the end, the OC said, the case has to be filed. When I was asked to file a case, the OC said that he had talked to his superiors and told them to take the necessary steps.

He said, “I have appealed to the DC of the Cyber ​​Security and Crime Department of the DMP alleging that the picture was distorted and the ‘Desi Mal’ page was opened on Facebook and my picture was presented in an obscene manner.” Mizanur Rahman’s name has been given in place of the name of the suspect in the cyber crime information form. The newsreader also said that he has no other enemy except the police officer.

In response to a question, he said, I call DIG Mizan Mama. I can only address Mama. In addition, the relationship with his wife is close to the family. On that occasion he tried to take me hostage. Show temptation in many ways. He also offered to give cars and houses. These greeds could not get me. In the end, they are trying to create unrest in the family by calling the husband a traitor. It is not to be tolerated now.

Terrible roar in audio: Meanwhile, several audios of threatening phone calls of reckless DIG Mizanur Rahman were found from a special place. In the audio of the phone conversation, DIG Mizan can be heard presenting himself terribly.

In an audio, DIG Mizan is heard telling the news reader, ‘Tell your son-in-law to get out of the house. Polapan is ready. Everything is ready. Myra Falamu you. I will see if that pola saves you. At that time the news reader was crying on the other side.

DIG Mizan says, wherever you go, your nude (obscene) pictures will be sent. You’re ruining my career. ’In response, the newsreader says,‘ I didn’t do anything. I swear to my son, I did nothing. ‘

Mizan threatened again, “Just get out of the house. You are a journalist: (with insults) I will tell the children I am threatening. Didn’t you suspend me? ’Then he said abusively,‘ Now the police of Bhatara police station are going to arrest you. Search warrant issued. The accused is you and your son-in-law. Will you challenge me? You took my job by challenging me. You gave everything to the media. ‘

Crying from Opash, the newsreader says, “I have not given anything to anyone.” This time, the terrible Mizan said, “You will leave Uttara in a week. If not, myra falamu. Which is either. Keep records. ‘

Then the crying newsreader says, ‘Please don’t kill me. Don’t ruin my child’s life. I do something

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