Date of Ijtema announced from 15 to 16 February

Finally, the date of World Ijtema of Tabligh Jamaat has been announced. The three-day Ijtema will begin on February 15 on the banks of the Turag in Tongi. Ijtema will be in one episode this time even though it has been in two episodes for the last few years. Although the Ijtema is held in January every year, it is postponed due to internal conflicts.

State Minister for Religion Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah made the decision after a meeting of the two warring factions of Tabligh Jamaat at the Secretariat of the Ministry of Religion on Thursday. He said, ‘They two groups offer two dates. One party proposed on 8 February. The other side voted in favor of 22 February. We have made the final decision on the Ijtema on February 15, 16 and 17 between these two dates. ‘

The meeting was attended by Syed Wasiful Islam, Khan Sahabuddin Nasim on one side and Maulana Jubayer, Maulana Omar Farooq on the other side. Prime Minister’s Military Secretary Major General Mia Mohammad Zainul Abedin was present at the meeting.

Tabligh Jamaat has been in dispute for two years. Some of the statements of Maulana Saad Kandhalvi of Delhi caused controversy. The people involved in preaching around him became divided into two groups. Although Maulana Saad came to the Ijtema last year, he could not go to Tongi ground due to opposition protests. On December 1, a bloody clash took place in the field of Tongi centering on the organization of this year’s Ijtema. Two were killed and several were injured.

Although the Ijtema was held at the beginning of January every year, this time it was postponed due to the national election and their own conflict. After starting the journey anew, the government made every effort to settle the dispute. After several rounds of meetings between the two parties, it was decided last Wednesday that the two parties would hold an Ijtema together and the controversial Maulana Saad would not attend the Ijtema this time.

The state minister for religion told reporters, “There has been chaos over the Ijtema for a long time. I have so far failed to alleviate it. The home minister held a meeting with everyone on Wednesday. Tabligh Jamaat was divided into two groups. At Wednesday’s meeting, we all worked together to bring the two groups together. At the end of that meeting, we reached a consensus, this time the World Ijtema will be together. ‘

The state minister said, “We have not imposed anything. We have only said one thing, that such a big work of Tabligh Jamaat should be done together, that the people of the whole country should be happy. They have agreed. ’

Sheikh Abdullah said, “These three days together will be a beautiful world ijtema. We will appeal to the world, you will be happy to know, now there is no hesitation about Tabligh Jamaat in Bangladesh. We have tried to do it peacefully in this country. ‘

Thanking the Prime Minister, he said, “If the Prime Minister had not shown such interest and if he had not taken the initiative, this work would not have been done.” We have been able to complete this work as a result of the steps taken by the Prime Minister. ‘

Although the world ijtema has been held in two episodes for the last few years, this time it will be in one episode. The state minister said the government would take all necessary steps in time to organize the Ijtema.

Asked if there were any conditions for the two sides to hold a joint ijtema, he said, “If there is no compromise, how can there be a unity.” We have been able to satisfy them because we can solve all their questions satisfactorily. Doing one (ijtema) means we have been able to satisfy them even if it is small. Not everything happens in one day. ‘He said,’ Let’s hope for the best. I will try to resolve the conflict once and for all by resolving all that is left in the future. ‘

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