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Chill-Worthy Shows for a Healthy Lifestyle

STREAMING SERVICES ARE known for having award-worthy series but also plenty of duds. Our guide to the best TV shows on Netflix is updated weekly to help you know which series you need to move to the top of your queue. They aren’t all sure-fire winners—we love a good less-than-obvious gem—but they’re all worth your time, trust us.

Feel like you’ve already watched everything on this list you want to see? Try our guide to the best movies on Netflix for more options. And if you’ve already completed Netflix and are in need of a new challenge, check out our picks for the best shows on Hulu and the best shows on Disney+. Don’t like our picks, or want to offer suggestions of your own? Head to the comments below.
Charting the life of infamous drug lord Griselda Blanco, who rose from a desperate life in Colombia to become a major player in the Miami drug wars, this dramatization shines largely thanks to a phenomenal performance from Sofía Vergara in the title role, channeling a chilling persona that makes her turn on Modern Family seem a lifetime away. While not entirely historically accurate, this limited series (co-created by Narcos’ Doug Miro) weaves a mesmerizing tale of Blanco’s efficiency in dominating the cocaine trade—and her brutality in enforcing that control. A tight six episodes makes for a compelling, if shockingly violent, binge watch.
Star Trek: Prodigy
Paramount+’s loss is Netflix’s gain with the license rescue of this great Star Trek spin-off. Kicking off on a distant prison planet, a group of young escapees are forced to become a crew when they commandeer a lost—and highly experimental—Starfleet vessel. Guided by a hologram version of Star Trek: Voyager’s iconic Captain Janeway (voiced by the venerable Kate Mulgrew), the untested cadets face a crash course in Federation ethics as they try to escape their former captor. While aimed at younger audiences and intended as an intro to the wider Trek universe, Prodigy packs in plenty for older Trekkies to appreciate—and with the complete first season available now and another 20-episode season expected later in 2024, there’s a lot to enjoy.
Queer Eye
The Fab Five are back for another round of life-changing makeovers in New Orleans. With heroes including a deaf football coach who needs to step up to support his students, a Kiss superfan committed to caring for his brother, and a former nun looking for love, there’s plenty to tug at the heart strings. With this season marking the last for design guru Bobby Berk, Queer Eye will doubtlessly be evolving when it returns for its already-confirmed ninth season, but for now, grab the tissues and prepare to ugly-happy-cry again.
One Day
Based on David Nicholls’ 2009 novel of the same name, this limited series charts the lives of Emma (Ambika Mod) and Dexter (Leo Woodall) over the course of 20 years. Starting with their graduation from Edinburgh University in 1988, each episode jumps forward one year at a time, revisiting them for a single day and exploring how their existences swirl around each other, even as fate seems to drag them apart. It’s all gorgeously shot and produced, each half-hour episode a time capsule of its period, while the sizzling chemistry between the leads keeps you rooting for them even when you begin to suspect they’re not meant for each other. An unexpectedly beautiful romcom.



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