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Binge-worthy Series to Fill Your Weekends

There’s truly nothing like having a solid lineup of binge-worthy shows, ones that bring you into their world, make you fall in love with their characters, and (as with many of these TV shows) break your heart in the best way. If you’re looking for the best shows to marathon-watch, look no further than this roundup of series that are perfect to immerse yourself in for a free night or a weekend.

Between all the major streaming services, there are quite a few TV shows that are sure to keep you occupied, to say the least. Every single one of the shows recommended here will keep your eyes glued to the screen — all you need to do is grab a snack and a blanket, curl up on your couch, and prepare to be transported. Whether you’re looking for a comedy like “Ted Lasso,” a prestige drama like “Breaking Bad,” or an epic fantasy journey like “Game of Thrones,” these are some of the best TV shows to binge-watch ever. Keep reading for dozens of our favorite binge-worthy shows that you can stream on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and Max right now!”Suits” may have come to an end in 2019, but thanks to Netflix, you can rewatch the legal drama that Meghan Markle famously starred in before she married Prince Harry. The series follows a group of lawyers working at a New York City law firm. However, one of the associates is hiding a huge secret.The Emmy-winning comedy centers on a bright, but messy vice president and her chaotic staff. After becoming vice president, Selina Meyer finds herself working a thankless job, trying to juggle personal and political responsibilities, and keep her eye on the ultimate prize: the presidency for herself.The iconic mafia drama is a real throwback to the early days of prestige cable. Tony Soprano seems like a normal, if stressed-out, dad and husband, but he’s definitely not your average suburbanite. He’s a mob boss, and his brutal decisions have massive reverberations in his professional life as much as in his personal life.Death can be darkly funny, as this morbid comedy about a funeral home proves. A family-owned funeral home is the center of the show, which focuses on the Fisher family who owns it, the reluctant son who becomes a partner in the business after his father’s death, and the families who require their services.When an aimless geek gets an email from his old college buddy-turned-nemesis, he certainly doesn’t expect to accidentally download an entire government database of secrets into his brain. But that’s just what happens, and now Chuck is an unwilling government asset, protected by a grumpy colonel and a secretive spy as he gets wrapped up in all sorts of hilarious and dangerous missions.Prohibition-era Atlantic City is a hotbed of glamour and crime, where gangsters and bootleggers rule the city and carry on their illegal dealings. When the boss’s former protégé turns tail and betrays them to the feds, it sets in motion an even more dangerous and deadly game.In this acclaimed series, characters from all walks of life struggle with (and against) the drug trade in Baltimore. Instead of focusing on just one “side” of things, the show famously tackles it from all angles, presenting us with characters who are cops, drug dealers, addicts, politicians, and more, who are all trying to build lives for themselves in whatever ways they know how.



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