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Beyond Reality: Is the Metaverse a Dream or a Dystopian Nightmare?

Into The Metaverse

People often relate aspects of the metaverse to Tony Stark’s holographic technology or even the perplexing virtual world in Ready Player One. The reality this technology could create always seemed out of reach and beyond one’s imagination, until very recently.

Working In the Metaverse
Augmented Reality
On October 28th, 2021, Mark Zuckerburg revolutionised the scope of the metaverse by announcing his company, Fa-Meta’s vision for the future. A future where simply putting on glasses immerses you into a hybrid of the real and virtual world, where you could interact with and move visually detailed holograms in your ‘real’ surroundings. It is a future where your apps and messages bubble around you and screens are simply floating holograms; where clicking a link transports you to massive virtual worlds, filled with other people in their virtual avatars; making it possible to attend a concert virtually or even go to work virtually. Imagine the scope of social interactions. From connecting with people all around the globe to transforming 2D art on your wall into a 3D illustration, this augmented reality technology has limitless potential.

So now, when someone tells you that this can be your future, it is natural to get caught up in this baffling web of never-ending possibilities. However, it is also extremely important to understand its complexities and the flip side to this ‘idyllic’ world.

Understanding the Basics

In the simplest of words, the metaverse is a network of online 3D digital worlds. It is a next-generation version of the internet, likely to be rendered by virtual and augmented reality technology. The metaverse intends to broaden the scope of your interaction with the internet, by bringing you into the network, as an avatar in a 3D space of things. While virtually connecting its users in all aspects of their lives.

The metaverse allows for easier and more efficient means of communication, education, and commerce. It not only reinvents gaming and social media but also combines economies, digital identity, decentralised governance, and other applications to create a better and more user-friendly environment.

The current stage of the metaverse is very primitive. Nonetheless, companies have heavily invested in the future of the metaverse. Different companies have different visions for the metaverse and plan to build their products around it. Many of the fundamentals required to make this technology exist have already been developed.

Exploring Augmented and Virtual Reality

The metaverse will largely be driven by augmented reality and virtual reality technology, with each user controlling a character or avatar. This technology currently exists in the form of bulky headsets. These headsets improve the experience of virtual worlds and take you from a 2D experience to a 3D one.




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