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Beat the January Blues with Tea Loaf & Cake Recipes

A handy online recipe book to Beat the January Blues with Tea Loaf & Cake Recipes. I have selected some of my favourites for you, ENJOY!

Fruited Date & Walnut Tea Loaf (Fat free and low sugar)
Tea Loaf and Cake Recipes for the Sunday Tea Tray, Elevenses and Afternoon Tea
Quick and Easy Spice Cake (Tea Loaf)
Hello! It’s already the third week in January, Blue Monday has passed, thank goodness and in the UK, we are experiencing extremely cold weather.

I am quite enjoying the colder temperatures, it’s a chance to do (what I think we should all be trying to do in January), hiberbate and embrace a slower lifestyle pace.

Frosty weather
In fact, I have been enjoying just this…..by reading, making marmalade, taking country walks, fireside suppers, lighting candles, cooking stews, soups and pies, and generally keeping warm with hot drinks and the last of the Christmas cake.

Ninja Foodi Seville Marmalade
Today’s post, Beat the January Blues with Tea Loaf & Cake Recipes, is exactly what is says on the the tin. A selection of tea time recipes in one place, to make it easier to find what you’d like to make.

From fruity tea loaves, spice cakes and gingerbread to vintage recipes for farmhouse tea cakes and regional specialities, there’s should be something here for everyone.

Bara Brith
I’ve shared all the recipes below, and I hope that you will find lots of inspiration for your tea time tables throughout January and beyond.

Sunday Tea Tray
Tea Loaf & Cake Recipes
Quick and Easy Spice Cake (Tea Loaf)
Honey Ginger Tea Loaf
Sultana & Lemon Tea Loaf Cake
1950’s Condensed Milk Fruit Loaf
Old Fashioned Malt Loaf
Fry’s Condensed Milk Chocolate Cake
Old-Fashioned Tea Cake Squares
Hikers’ Walnut Bread
Manor House Cake
Bara Brith

Teisen Lap Welsh Cake
Cranberry, Mincemeat & Ginger Tea Loaf
Cherry Bakewell Tea Loaf
Gingerbread Tea Loaf
Stem Ginger & Golden Syrup Tea Loaf
Fruited Date & Walnut Tea Loaf (Fat free and low sugar)
1940’s Golden Syrup Loaf Cake
1960’s Evaporated Milk Chocolate Cake
Victorian Seed Cake
Easy Mincemeat Cake
Mrs Beeton’s Luncheon Cake
The Queen’s Chocolate Biscuit Cake
I hope you have enjoyed browsing through these recipes. PLEASE do let me know if you make any of them,




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