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5 Shows to Spark Joy This Winter

Lately, I feel like I am back at school. I have become a student in many areas of my life, and I love each one. They help me grow and are the reason for my smile most days. In this post, I will share five of my favorite things that have been inspiring me these past few weeks.
1. Favorite Book – Fast like a Girl
Fasting? How is that fun, right? I picked up Fast Like A Girl By Dr. Mindy Pelz for tips on getting back to a healthy weight. Instead, I got exposed to the knowledge and lessons I should have learned years ago in school. In the book Fast Like A Girl, Dr. Mindy helps answer questions such as:

What happens to our bodies after we eat?
What hormones play a major role in our well-being?
Why fasting is crucial to better health and how it impacts women differently than men.
There is no going back when you uncover new knowledge from the best books. They empower us to live our best life. I love this wealth of information I am unlocking as I read this marvel of a book.
2. Honing My Craft with a CoachAs you may know, I have transitioned from working full-time in corporate to being a full-time blogger. As much as I enjoy writing, I discovered that, like any craft, you get better with proper guidance.
The right coach can challenge you and make you better at whatever you are working on. Finding one with a sound knowledge of the field that you are compatible with isn’t easy. Lately, I am loving working with someone that is stretching my limits and challenging my thought process.
3. Opening My Heart – Joy of Living MeditationOne other thing I have loved lately is the Joy of Living meditation series. After a year of meditation practice, I have moved on to level two of this program, where I am learning to open my heart by meditating on love, compassion, and wisdom.
In these meditations, I learned that all humans have a basic desire to be happy. All of their actions are rooted in this basic desire to be happy. This concept has changed the way I look at my life. Knowing that people’s actions and words come from wanting to be happy and free from suffering helps me practice kindness toward them.
4. Oh, the World of MusicMy violin lessons over the past few weeks have exposed me to the world of music. If you have never played an instrument, learning one humbles you like never before. It takes losing all ego and any desire for perfection and believing in the process. It takes believing that you will start producing sounds tolerable to your ears one day.
I love this long and rewarding process of learning the new language of music. I long for the day I can listen to something I like and recreate it on my own. I long for the day I can play a duet with my piano player child.
5. My Favorite Podcast – Feel Better Live MoreEach week, when I am looking for something quick to inspire me, the Feel Better, Live More podcast never disappoints. Whether it is learning ways to reduce stress, build better habits, or learn about anti-inflammatory foods, the podcast always teaches me something new.
Dr. Rangan Chatterjee, the podcast host and a UK-based doctor goes above and beyond in educating his listeners and transforming their lives for the better. Only after listening to him did I realize what a difference a committed doctor can make in your life. We all need a doctor like Dr. Chatterjee to inspire us to take our health seriously.



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